Regarding the new threats by Miljan Damjanovic, deputy of the Serbian Radical Party in Serbian Parliament, that they will by all means prevent the festival “Mirëdita, Dobar dan!” to be held, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights invites the competent institutions to react.

This nationalistic rampage continues primarily because of the lack of a timely response by the competent institutions to threats and hate speech, and the fact that Vojislav Seselj is still sitting in the National Assembly, although as a convicted war criminal under the Law on the Election of Members of Parliament, he can not continue his mandate.

The process of normalization of relations which is the declarative goal of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and President Vucic can not be accomplished only in Brussels, but must find its substance in the cooperation of people. The silence of the entire state leadership, the absence of reaction of police and prosecution reactions directly supports radical call on violence, and spreading of hatred and fear.

After certain athletes and politicians from Kosovo were declared non grata in Serbia – the absence of a response to radical threats to violence, sends the message from the government that artists and young people from Kosovo are not only undesirable but also unsafe. Radicals will not prevent the opening of the festival, but the silence of the authorities and the mild reaction of the public do not contribute to bringing the two societies closer, in this case through the introduction of the contemporary Kosovo cultural scene.

Political elites, police and prosecutors must no longer be silent and ignore the open threats of violence, but immediately react and stand in defense of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and protect people’s security.

The Initiative will not back away from threats and violence, and will continue to work together with regional partners to bring societies together – where radicals want to see walls and mass graves. The “Mirëdita, Dobar dan!” Festival will be held and it is open to all those who are ready for a dialogue about the past and the future based on values ​​that go beyond nationalists’ interests.