Ana Brnabić Needs To Decide Between Srebrenica Genocide Denial And Being a Peacebuilding Politician

In the wake of Serbian PM Ana Brnabic’s statement that she will not be going to Potočari to the commemoration and burial of 33 Srebrenica genocide victim remains because she “wasn’t invited”, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights would like to extend their invitation to Ana Brnabić and other executive government representatives to express their condolences to the Srebrenica genocide victims by attending a vigil on July 11 at 19h in the park by the Presidency of Serbia.

YIHR would like to remind Ana Brnabić that the Republic of Serbia needs to abide by the decisions of international courts, as well as court-determined facts, and thus that Serbia’s recognition of the Srebrenica genocide is not only an important step towards the European Union, but also crucial for the respect of the dignity and the suffering of the victims, as well as adherence to international law.

If Ana Brnabić, as head of the Serbian Government, has ambitions to foster regional peace and stability, then apologizing to the Srebrenica genocide victims is the bare minimum the PM could do. On that occasion, we send to her our colleagues’ from the Youth Initiative for Human Rights publication – “How to apologize for war crimes – a manual for politicians”