The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, together with Civic Action Pančevo and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina (NDNV), put wreaths at the passage and memorial named after Srdjan Aleksić, to mark the 27th anniversary of death of the man who is still one of the well-known examples of humanity in the wars in former Yugoslavia.

Ljiljana Spasić, representative of the Civic Action Pančevo addressed the gathering and stressed the importance of commemorating the anniversary of Srdjan Aleksić’s death, whose example of humanity must not be forgotten having in mind that January 27 is also International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Marko Milosavljević from YIHR emphasized a need that the memory of Srdjan Aleksic and of all those who were rescuing people during the wars in former Yugoslavia becomes part of Serbia’s remembrance policy. He stressed that the Srdjan Aleksić’s passages that exist today in several towns in the region should be the markers of different politics of Serbia – the one that will abandon the policy of war crimes, which is not the case yet.

Let us remind you, young man Srdjan Aleksić was brutally beaten at the green market in Trebinje on January 21, 1993. On that day, he tried to defend his fellow citizen Alen Glavonić from four members of the Republic of Srpka Army. As a consequence of beatings, he fell into coma and died on January 27, 1993. Srdjan’s father wrote in the obituary: “He died while performing his human duty”. One of Srdjan’s attackers was killed in the war and the rest were sentenced to 28 months in prison.